Having fun with postage stamps is a Cheree Berry Paper signature detail and one of our favorite ways to dress up an envelope! There are three options available when it comes to postage:


We’ll create a stamp that coordinates with your save the date or invitation design. The custom stamp(s) can then be ordered directly from Zazzle, or if CBP is mailing on your behalf, we’ll order stamps for you. Please note that custom stamp vendors do mark up postage by almost double the face value. In addition, custom stamps use a different printing method than our stationery, so slight color variation can occur between stamps and your printed pieces.


USPS offers a selection of postage stamps for your invitation and the best part is that there is no postage mark-up on these! For save the dates, often one stamp will do the trick, but most of our wedding invitations require multiple stamps due to the weight of the package.


Using vintage stamps is a sure way to set your envelope apart in your guests' mailboxes. Choose your theme – color, wedding location, home state – and search for the perfect mix of vintage stamps that add up to the postage you need. If digging for flea market finds is not your thing, then you may not enjoy the art of vintage stamp sourcing. No worries – we’re happy to do it for you. Our vintage stamp sourcing fee is $125 and we’ll give you several options to choose from. In addition to the cost of the postage, a processing fee will be added to your order.

Word of advice: Line up your bridesmaids if you’re using multiple vintage stamps on your envelopes as most will require licking to adhere! Short cut: A damp sponge saves the saliva.


Because of the time and liability involved, unless CBP is mailing on your behalf or assisting you with postage, we’re unable to provide you with a postage estimate on your stationery set. You will need to obtain a quote once you have received your final printed pieces.

Calligraphy and Addressing

The next best thing to seeing your name in lights is seeing it beautifully calligraphed on an envelope. Calligraphy is not something to overlook – it is the icing on the cake, the bow on a pretty package – and should be carefully considered. CBP offers both hand and machine calligraphy for addressing your envelopes. Hand calligraphy is when a trained calligrapher addresses your envelopes by hand using pen and ink. Machine or computer calligraphy is when a font is printed onto an envelope by a computer.


Pricing for machine calligraphy is listed below and is also available through our online ordering process. If you’re choosing one of our collection designs, you will see an example of machine calligraphy in your electronic proof.


How does the machine calligraphy process work?
A CBP project manager price out machine calligraphy in your proposal. If you want to move forward with this, your project manager will send you our Excel template for addressing. It is very important that you use this template for your addresses to ensure a smooth process! The first tab in the template lists our addressing guidelines, the second tab has a list of examples for you to reference, and the third tab is where you insert your addresses. If you do not have inner envelopes, you do not need to fill out the inner envelope column.

Once you submit your final guest list to us, you will receive one PDF proof of all of your envelopes. Included in your machine calligraphy fee is one round of edits on this PDF. Should you have additional edits, you will be billed $25 per round. Your envelopes will then be printed upon approval of this PDF proof.

Please note that the printing method for machine calligraphy is different from the printing method of most of our invitation sets. Thus, the ink color of the envelope addressing may vary slightly from the color used in your invitation set. Know that we’ll do our best to match these colors as closely as possible.

When will you need my guest list?
We’ll want your final guest list no later than 3-5 business days after approval of your electronic design proof.


CBP works with, and recommends, a number of highly skilled hand calligraphers. Our calligraphers offer a range of styles – from formal to traditional with a twist, to playful and whimsical. There is an option for every bride. As a CBP client, you'll have access to our list of recommended calligraphers and will have the option to either contact and coordinate with them directly or to let us handle all calligraphy-related items for you for a flat fee. If you’re interested in hand calligraphy, please alert your project manager. She’ll send you more information.

Stuffing, Stamping and Mailing

As a full-service stationer, CBP offers a stuffing, stamping and mailing service to our clients. Pricing for this service is based on your save the date or invitation quantity and is listed below. It will also be priced out in your proposal, and in the design agreement you can choose whether you want this service.

Please note that these costs may increase should you use multiple vintage stamps on your envelopes or if your set requires multiple insert cards with different stuffing scenarios. Your project manager will advise you of these additional costs, if applicable, before your stationery is mailed.


Please note: These costs may increase should you use multiple vintage stamps on your envelopes or if your set requires multiple insert cards with different stuffing scenarios. Your project manager will advise you of these additional costs, if applicable, before your stationery is mailed. 

If you choose to handle stuffing, stamping and mailing on your own, please note a couple of key things:

  • Square sizes require extra postage. Always double check postage at the post office where you plan to mail from before applying postage to your envelopes.
  • Do not forget to stamp your reply envelopes as a courtesy to your guests.
  • We always suggest that you ask the post office to hand cancel your invitations to better protect your stationery during its postal journey. Ask your local post office if they offer this service and, if so, if they charge a service fee.

If you choose to have us mail your save the dates or invitations, here’s how the process works…

  • You will receive a final printed version of your save the date or invitation set before it is mailed. This is not the time to make any changes! When you receive this, this is your final printed piece. This shipment to you is included in our cost above, but if you ask us to send a sample to your mom or your wedding planner, we’ll need to bill for that shipment.
  • Before anything is mailed, you will need to send us an email approving the mailing along with your signed mailing disclaimer. A printed mailing disclaimer will be included with your final stationery sample for ease of returning to us. When mailing on your behalf, we’ll do our best to ensure that all pieces are hand canceled by the post office, however, this cannot be guaranteed.
  • We will hold on to your extra stationery pieces for a period of two weeks. If after 7–10 mailing days, an invitation set does not arrive, gets returned to you, or arrives damaged to one of your guests, we’re happy to mail another set out on your behalf from the extra save the dates or invitations you ordered. After your initial bulk mailing, each additional round of mailing will be $25 plus any calligraphy, shipping, postage or stationery charges that may apply.
  • Should you want your extras sent to you before two weeks, please just let us know. You will be billed for the shipping cost associated with sending you your extras.
  • Once your invitations arrive at the post office, CBP is not responsible for how your stationery travels through the mail. We do our best to ensure that your stationery will arrive to its destination in the best shape possible; however, any damage done in the mail is out of our control.

Happy mailing!