Dolly Parton: A Note of Many Colors


Inspired by Dolly Parton’s song, “Coat of Many Colors” and in celebration of her birthday on January 19, we created this Dolly Parton stationery set! We love Dolly for so many reasons, starting with her love of color, but also that she is a singer, songwriter, actress, humanitarian, record producer, businesswoman, and then some. She’s a force to be reckoned with, as well as just plain lovable! A legend with some serious longevity and those lyrics! Fan Club Members forever!

Set includes:

  • 12 multi-colored, flat-printed cards (4 different color variations, 3 of each of design)
  • On the back of each note it reads: A NOTE OF MANY COLORS
  • 12 colorful envelopes


Card: 5.88″ x 4.38″
Envelope: 6.13″ x 4.63″

Total: $24.00


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