Citrus Wishes Lemonade Stand Kit


We partnered with the charming WEE BEE BOX company to create a colorful all-in-one lemonade kit. While we encourage entrepreneurs of any size, we also think this is a great opportunity to do a little fun DIY and/or inspire social activism! Consider adding fun glitter embellishments to the existing sign and encouraging kids to donate the profits to a charity of choice.

Set includes:

  • Lemonade stand sign with holes
  • Flag with dowel-rod and ribbon
  • Teal ribbon
  • One sheet of fill-in price stickers (6 total)
  • One sheet of name tags (8 name tags)
  • Paper cups (24 total)
  • Paper straws (24 total)
  • Tip & Cash Stash Stickers (4 total)

Total: $40.00


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