Frequently Asked Questions



The invitation process can be overwhelming, so we’re here to help you every step of the way. From the moment you say “yes” to CBP to the minute your order arrives on your doorstep (and after!), we’ll answer any question you might have in a timely manner. Ordering personalized stationery? Looking to announce your new bundle of joy? Searching for that perfect holiday card or party invitation? No matter how big or small your project might be, our goal is to provide you with the highest level of customer service at all times. We’re grateful for your business and excited to work with you.


Innovative design that still feels classic. Hidden touches. Unexpected, yet pleasing, paper shapes and sizes. An element of surprise in each piece. Interactive invitations. Dwelling on the “little things” and paying strict attention to detail. Working with you to create something custom, even if you don’t think you’re “creative.” Being prepared with ideas. Being flexible and open to ideas. Sharing in your happiness, excitement or joy, and helping you express it through design and paper.


They say “love is in the details,” and we couldn’t agree more. Take one look through our collection of designs and see how much we adore the little things – a message on the inner envelope shoulder, a gold foil bumblebee flying alongside a return address, your initials tucked into the floral pattern on your personalized stationery – just to name a few. It’s these little details that continue to delight our clients time and time again. We hope you’ll be delighted too…


Simply stated: Only the best. We use the highest quality paper available at each price point. We’ve hand-selected our printers and know they are the best in the country. We push the envelope on printing methods and design, and each printed piece goes through a strict quality control process. As our client, you’ll be given the chance to see and touch a sample of your paper, ink colors, and other materials that will be used on your project before it’s sent to print. We’re proud of the quality of our work and look forward to sharing it with you.



When should I contact you to get my order started?
It’s always better to have more time than not enough so contact us as soon as your wedding date and venue are set! For Collection save the dates or invitations, we recommend starting the process three months prior to your mail date. For custom designs, starting the process four months prior to your mail date is ideal timing. If you’re on a tight timeline, no need to panic! Most timelines can be accommodated.

How do I place an order?
The Our Process section walks you through our design and ordering process. If you’re interested in Collection designs, the first recommended step is to order samples. From there, a project manager will be in touch to discuss more and facilitate your order. If you’re interested in the custom route, you can submit an inquiry online and a project manager will be in touch to discuss more.


Is there a minimum order amount?
Yes, all personalized orders start at $500 regardless of quantity.

What is the minimum quantity I can order?
The minimum quantity for orders is 25.

What is your quantity increment?
Collection designs can be ordered in increments of 25, and custom designs can be ordered in any quantity in increments of five.

How many extra save the dates or invitations should I order?
It is very expensive to go back to print for small quantities so be sure to order enough extras upfront. There are various reasons you may need extras: In case invitations get lost in the mail, you have last-minute additions to your guest list, you want a keepsake, or need some sets for photography, to name some. Our recommendation is to pad your stationery order by 10%–20%.

When do I need to tell you my final quantity?
We’ll need to know your final quantity once you approve your final proof and before printing.


How are your products priced?
Most of our products start with base pricing for the set and a list of “optional add-ons” that can be explored during the design process. We want you to be able to pick and choose between the bells and whistles most important to you.

Do most of your items come with a return address printed on the envelope?
Yes, unless your pricing specifically states blank envelopes, then you can assume the base pricing includes an envelope with printed return address. If you want pricing without a printed return address, just let us know!

Can I save money by doing a reply postcard instead of a reply card and envelope?
Our recommendation is to do a reply card and envelope, not a reply postcard. A reply postcard still involves printing on two sides so there is not a large cost savings associated with this. In addition, you’re going to love having your reply cards as keepsakes for years to come so don’t let the post office get ahold of them without an envelope.

Can I letterpress my invitation, but flat print my reply card and envelope?
No, letterpress printing is done on an oversized sheet of paper so the reply card and invitation are printed together on the same form. In addition, it is very difficult to guarantee an exact ink color match when using two different printing methods. So our preference is to choose one or the other – flat printing or letterpress.

What can I do to keep costs down?
There are a couple of ways to keep costs down when it comes to your wedding stationery. First, most couples choose to flat print their save the dates and day-of items and reserve letterpress printing for only the invitation set. Second, if you’re hosting multiple weekend events, consider including invitations to those events within your main invitation set. This will save on all the costs associated with an additional mailing. Third, if you’re on a budget, consider our collection or semi-custom design categories. There are a lot of wonderful options to choose from that do not require custom design work.


Are the quantities and optional add-ons in the design agreement set in stone, or can these items be changed?
The design agreement is by no means set in stone! It is just a good starting place for both parties. If you decide against an envelope liner or change your quantity after the contract is signed, no problem, those items can be updated along the way. That being said, it is helpful to let us know upfront if there are optional add-ons you do not want explored during the design process.


How long will it be before I receive my proofs?
This depends on the amount of customization in your designs. For Collection designs, our initial proof turnaround time is usually within one week, and for custom, usually 2-3 weeks. But don’t worry, we’ll give you a timeline before starting your job so you know what to expect from us and when.

How will my proofs be delivered?
All proofs are sent in electronic form as PDFs.

Will you be designing my save the dates, invitations and day-of items all at once?
No, in order to keep the process streamlined and not too overwhelming, our process is to complete designs in phases. We’ll start with save the dates, then move to invitations once the save the dates have been mailed. The standard time to start on day-of items is 6-12 weeks before the event.

How many rounds of revisions will I receive on my proofs?
The number of rounds of revisions included in your pricing is dependent upon the design category you choose, and usually ranges from up to one round (for Collection) to up to three or four rounds (for custom). There will be a charge for each additional proof depending on the amount of design time required.


I’ve got my final proof. What items should I be looking for before approving to print?
Checklist of important items to review on your final proof:

  • Are all names, titles, addresses, places, times, locations, and dates correct? Please check spelling and punctuation as well.
  • Is your final quantity correct?
  • Are the ink, paper and envelope colors correct?
  • Is/are the printing method(s) correct?
  • Are all of the elements included in your stationery suite visible in the proof?
  • Do your proofs include an inner envelope if you requested one?
  • Are you comfortable with the size of each paper element in the proof? Sizes are stated under each item on the proof. Don’t be afraid to pull out a ruler and check sizes!

Will I receive a hard copy sample before printing?
No, you will not receive a hard copy sample of your stationery before printing. The set-up costs associated with printing are high, so it is cost prohibitive to print just one sample. However, if you would like us to send you a digital printout of your design trimmed to actual size let us know. The cost for this is $50 plus shipping.


Can you explain the difference between flat printing, letterpress printing and foil stamping? What about digital printing?
Flat printing ($), or offset printing, is a printing process in which the ink is laid on top of the paper. It is less expensive than letterpress printing ($$) where the ink is pressed into the paper or engraving ($$$) where the ink feels raised on the paper.

Foil stamping ($$) is one of our favorite printing processes. A foil plate is created and pressed into the paper, transferring a metallic foil design onto the paper.

Digital printing ($) is the most cost-effective form of printing. A digital printing press produces high resolution digital color, similar to a color printer, but with higher quality ink. The paper is run through the digital printer once, and all ink colors are transferred to the paper simultaneously. The downside to digital printing, however, is that because Pantone inks are not used it can be difficult to get a perfect color match. CBP reserves digital printing for low quantity print runs or designs that have multiple colors.

What is engraving and do you offer it?
Yes, we offer engraving. Engraving is the most formal and oldest printing process. With engraving, the paper is pressed into a metal plate, raising the letters and design above the paper. It is a beautiful printing process, but is also the most expensive.

What is blind debossing?
Blind debossing is when a pattern or design is pressed into the paper but without ink. It’s a subtle but beautiful printing process. Even though there is no ink with blind debossing, it still acts as a second color in your invitation set.

How long will you need to print my invitations?
Our average turnaround time for printing flat printed items is 2-3 weeks. For letterpress printing, our average turnaround time is 3-4 weeks. If you’re invitations involve multiple printing processes, please note these timelines could be longer. If you need something faster, just let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate your timing.


Will I receive extra envelopes with my order?
Any orders where you are handling calligraphy include a 10% overage of envelopes to account for any mistakes made while addressing. Please contact us should you wish to purchase additional envelopes. Please note that you will not receive 10% extra envelopes on personalized stationery or wedding thank you note orders.


How do I know when my order will ship?
Your timeline will give you an approximate shipping date for your order. This date will be confirmed once your printed materials are completed. We’ll send you an email to confirm your ship-to address along with any special instructions required for shipment, for example, no signature required.

What shipping options do you offer?
Our standard shipping method is UPS Ground. However, you will be notified when your order is ready to ship and will have the opportunity to choose expedited shipping at that time if you prefer to ship your order faster. You will be responsible for all shipping costs to you.

Can you ship my envelopes in advance of my invitations?
Yes, all envelopes can be shipped in advance of your invitations for an additional fee of $50 plus shipping. If your calligrapher needs your inner envelopes unlined, please specify this in advance.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes, CBP is happy to ship to international clients! If you’re an international customer, please know you will be responsible for all duties and taxes.


I’m late, I’m late! Do you offer rush services?
Yes, we’re flexible and can accommodate most rush timelines. Our rush fees vary depending on the timing and complexity of your project.



What is the difference between collection, semi-custom and custom designs?
“Collection” is when you choose an existing design that is listed in our collection of invitation designs. You can change the fonts, colors and wording on these designs for no added fee. This is our most budget-friendly category. “Custom” is our start-from-scratch option! It’s the ultimate in personalization, but also the most expensive.

What are some examples of semi-custom changes?
Examples include, but are not limited to: changing the envelope liner to a different pattern in our collection ($), creating a custom patterned envelope liner ($$), adding a custom seal or monogram to your set ($$$), altering the graphics on an invitation ($ – $$$) or designing a custom invitation backer ($$ – $$$).

I am excited by the custom process, but am scared I’m not creative enough. Can you help?
Absolutely! There is nothing to be intimidated about with the custom process. We’ll work with you to get the answers we need to design a beautiful set that is in line with your creative vision (even if you cannot fully express what that vision is!).


I need help with my invitation wording, please!
Our etiquette section will offer you some advice on wording for your invitation. If you have other questions about wording, feel free to contact us directly. We’re here to help!


What colors do you offer?
Our stationery is custom printed so the color possibilities are endless! You are welcome to send us an uncoated Pantone color, a fabric swatch, a paint chip or a description of your color palette. Because color can vary on different computer screens, CBP typically mails color swatches to you to review. Swatches are mailed through the USPS at no additional charge to you. Should you need your swatches rush shipped, you will be billed for shipping costs incurred. For digitally printed items, it can be difficult to achieve a perfect color match. We’ll do our best to match your color as closely as possible, but color matches cannot be guaranteed.

Why do the colors on my screen look different than the color swatches you mailed me?
Unfortunately, all computer screens are calibrated differently and this affects how colors are viewed on screen. It is very important to review physical color swatches or Pantones for accurate color as opposed to color onscreen.


What fonts do you offer?
CBP has a large font library. Most of our fonts are represented in our designs online. If you would like to change the fonts on your stationery designs, just let us know your preferences.

I see in some of your sets you incorporate hand calligraphy. How does this work? Does the calligrapher write on each invitation?
Incorporating hand calligraphy into an invitation can be a beautiful way to bring uniqueness to your set. The calligrapher writes the art once and then sends us a high resolution image of the art to be incorporated into your designs. If you’re interested in exploring this for your set, just let us know.


What is your standard paper stock?
Our standard paper stock for flat printing is 110lb or 130lb paper and for letterpress printing double thick 220lb paper. Paper is available in bright white, soft white or classic ecru. For an additional cost, other paper stocks and colors can be used.


What are inner envelopes and do I need them?
Before the postal system was founded, invitations were delivered by men on foot. Often their hands were dirty and thus, so was the mail they were delivering! This led to wedding invitations being delivered in two envelopes so that the invitation and its envelope remained clean and protected. Although the mail is no longer delivered by foot, there are still benefits to using an inner envelope with your wedding invitation set. Read more about inner envelopes here.


Can I use my married monogram on my wedding invitations or save the dates?
No, your married monogram should only be used after the wedding itself. Before then, use your first initials to create a monogram design.


Do you have a library of envelope liner patterns I can choose from?
You can see most of our envelope liner choices online in our collection invitation designs. If you have something specific in mind, however, just ask and we’ll let you know if it is a pattern we have or something that needs to be created.


What sizes do you offer for invitations?
For wedding invitations, our standard sizes are our embassy, royalty, and divinity sizes. An embassy invitation is 5.5 x 7.375 inches, a royalty invitation is 6.25 x 8.875 inches, and a divinity invitation is 6.5 x 9.25 inches. Our standard square size for wedding invitations is 6.75 x 6.75 inches. Invitation sizes outside of the wedding category vary and depend on the graphics and amount of text on the card. We’ll recommend the best size for your design. If you’re interested in a specific size, just let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request.

I like one of your collection designs, but it is a rectangle and I want a square invitation. Can I change this?
Absolutely! And usually, there is no additional cost for changing the shape of your invitation. Just keep in mind that all square sizes require 20 cents extra postage.



How should I address my save the dates and/or invitations?
There are a number of options available to you for addressing your save the dates or invitations. You can choose to hand-address them yourself or to have them addressed with machine or hand calligraphy. Read more about calligraphy here.

Should I include “and guest” on my save the dates?
This is up to you! If you know you’re inviting someone with a guest, it might help to let them know this in advance. If you’re not sure, then wait until it’s time to address the invitations to include “and guest.” In all cases, it is most preferable if you find out the name of the guest for the invitations as opposed to using the generic “and guest.”


What is the cost difference between machine and hand calligraphy?
Our machine calligraphy pricing starts at $2.25 per envelope. Our hand calligraphy pricing starts at $4.00 per envelope. Pricing depends on the hand calligrapher selected, your quantity, envelope and ink colors and whether you have a single envelope or an inner/outer envelope set.


If I choose machine calligraphy, what fonts are available?
On most occasions, the font for machine calligraphy can match the font used on your stationery. During the design phase, we’ll show you an electronic sample of your machine calligraphy to review and approve before addressing.

What format do you need my address list in?
We’ll send you our Excel template where you can fill in your names and addresses. It includes a tab of tips to help you with addressing questions.


What hand calligraphers do you recommend?
Once you become a CBP client, we’ll send you a list of our recommended hand calligraphers. Our calligraphers are located across the country and offer a range of styles – from formal to traditional with a twist to playful and whimsical. Pricing varies among calligraphers.

Can you coordinate with the calligrapher directly on my behalf?
Yes! If you are using a hand calligrapher for addressing, you will have the option to either coordinate with them directly or CBP can handle all calligraphy related items for you for a flat fee.

How should I prepare my guest list for a hand calligrapher?
Most hand calligraphers prefer guest lists in Word format. Do not forget a column for inner envelopes if you plan to use them in your set.



When should I mail my save the dates?
Save the dates are generally mailed 5-10 months prior to the wedding date. 5-7 months is suggested for weddings with few out-of-town guests. 7-10 months is suggested for weddings with lots of out-of-town guests or destination weddings.

When should I mail my invitations?
Wedding invitations should be mailed 7-8 weeks prior to the wedding date. 8-10 weeks is suggested for weddings with lots of out-of-town guests or destination weddings.


What is hand canceling?
Hand canceling is when the post office stamps a seal over the postage as opposed to running the envelope through a machine. If you can convince your local post office to do this for you (candy usually helps!), we highly recommend it. It will help ensure your invitations arrive in the best condition possible.


Do you offer stuffing, stamping and mailing services?
Yes, CBP offers these services as an added convenience. Pricing for this service will be outlined in your design agreement and you’ll have the option to opt in or out of this service at that time.

If you mail my invitations for me, will they be hand canceled?
Yes, CBP does its best to ensure that all stationery pieces mailed from our offices are hand canceled.


How much postage will my invitations require?
If you are handling your own postage, we can provide you with a postage estimate on your stationery item for a $50 fee, but please note that every post office is different and this is only an estimate. You should always confirm the final postage amount with the local post office from where you plan to mail. On average, our save the dates or announcements range from 49 cents to $1 in postage while our wedding invitation sets range from $1 – $3 in postage. Two important items to remember when mailing: Stamp the reply envelopes in your invitation set as a courtesy to your guests and all square sizes require 20 cents extra postage.

Do you offer custom postage stamps? How about vintage?
Absolutely! We offer both. We can design a custom stamp and source vintage stamps to go with your design.

I want to place my own Zazzle order. How do I do it?
We’ll guide you through it! Just ask and we’ll send you instructions for how to order your own custom stamps.



How do I order a sample?
Samples of our Collection designs can be ordered on our website. If you are going down the custom path, we will send you a curated package of samples after we find out more information from you. Samples are not available for all of our invitation sets, but we’ll do our best to send you samples similar to the designs you’re interested in.

Can I request specific colors for my samples?
Yes! If you have a color palette in mind let us know and we’ll send you samples with similar colors if available.


When and how will my samples be shipped?
Samples are generally shipped through USPS the next business day after you place an order. If you need your samples expedited, please let us know. Shipping charges will be incurred.



What is your return policy?
Due to the high level of customization in our products, all deposits are non-refundable. All orders cancelled after final proof approval will be billed in full. CBP cannot accept returns or exchanges on personalized items. If you want to return boxed stationery, contact us directly.

What if I am not happy with my final product?
There shouldn’t be any surprises with your final product since we do our best throughout the process to make sure you know exactly what you are getting from CBP. However, we want you to love your stationery so if something doesn’t seem right, call us to discuss.


What are your payment terms?
A 50% deposit is required before your design proofs are started. This deposit amount will be outlined in your design agreement. Your deposit is non-refundable, but will be applied to your final invoice. You will receive a final invoice with your printed materials and your balance will be due upon receipt. We require receipt of payment before shipping or mailing.

Where should I mail checks?
Please mail all checks to:
Cheree Berry Paper
9214 Clayton Road
St. Louis, Missouri 63124

What credit cards do you accept?
Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover.

Do you charge sales tax?
There is no sales tax if you are outside the state of Missouri. If you live in Missouri, you will be charged sales tax at a rate of 8.363%.